Red River Co-op Rebate Program
The Rods have teamed up with Red River Co-op and we now have our own Rebate Number. So when you stop at Co-op, we encourage you to give the Rods number 225012. The annual rebate will be sent to the Club. We have a supply of tags with our number, so ask for one at the Club.

Rods Family Weekend
Rods Family Weekend is September 9 & 10 '06.

Individual and Team Photos
The individual player and team photos are taken towards the end of August. The team manager will hand out the information packages a week before the dates.

Custom Jackets
The custom sized Rods jackets are fitted in late August / early September. We have a cloth winter jacket and a leather / melton jacket.
Visit the 'custom merchandise' section under the Store tab to view photos and descriptions.